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Skopelos Cooking

with Fotini & Marina

garden cooking

Traditional Skopelian
garden cooking lessons


4 years now people from all places are traveling with us with us for 3 hours and getting to know the art of traditional Skopelian cooking.

During this hands on cooking class we create appetizers, a classical main and a delicious dessert. We wash, chop and saute while getting to know each other and by sharing culinary stories and traditions. 


At the end we gather at our great yard to enjoy our creations with a glass of retsina (wine).Discover the magic of burning eggplants in the open fire and taste the orange aroma in an elevated traditional dessert.

People from all places will be your co travelers through this culinary journey.

Sessions take place at our beautiful garden.

About Us

Skopelos Cooking REVIEWS

"Our class had six students in it. 2 Canadians, 2 Germans and us. The class began while the sun was still relatively high in the sky, but we were spared it wrath in the shade of the veranda, looking out over the coastline of Skopelos. I have been fortunate enough to take cooking classes on three different continents, in many different countries and even many different places in Greece. But this class was my hands down favorite. Almost from entering, the chemistry between Marina and Fotini is palpable. They are like a seasoned comedy team. Their passion for cooking, hospitality and engaging the participants exceeds anything I’ve been apart of before. The eduction was good, the food was great and the conversation was so entertaining, our class finished but we all stayed and talked for another 2 hours. If this was the only thing I did while on this island, I would consider the trip a success. If I’m ever back on the island, even if the menu is exactly the same, I’ll still sign up for this class every single time I come."

Dave Scott

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Fotini & Marina

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Come join us on a unique garden cooking experience overlooking Skopelos town and port

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